Rebecca Zamon
Living Editor
Huffington Post Canada
Twitter: @RebZam
Rebecca Zamon is the editor of Huffington Post Canada's Living section, and can't really think of a better job than one that lets her read, write and plan out interesting stories on everything from food to health to relationships. Rebecca previously worked in magazines at Transcontinental Media and headed up the national lifestyle department at Sun Media. Her Twitter bio (@RebZam) describes her as a "reader, writer, eater, Torontonian, fancy geek, summer cyclist," which does a good job of explaining how she spends her time outside of work.

Huffington Post Canada:
How To Get Attention (And Tell Great Stories) In A Busy Media Landscape

As more and more people turn to the Internet as their primary news source, it's easy for great stories to get lost in the midst of a lot of noise. So how do you make sure yours stands out? Engaging headlines and unique approaches to topics help you differentiate yourself from the competition, and also ensures you serve your readers, keeping them coming back for more. This presentation looks at content from an editorial perspective, showing just how headlines and storytelling has changed online, and how you can use that to your advantage.

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