World Café

What is the future of journalism and public relations in the new media age?

Laura Toogood, PhD, Managing Director, Digitalis Reputation

Laura Toogood is co-author of Journalism and PR: News Media and Public Relations in the Digital Age. On Sunday, May 31, Laura will be the guest speaker at the World Café on the opening day of the CPRS National Conference.

A quick visit to Laura's website ( will allow you to discover the exceptional track record of this communications professional who takes a new and bold look at the transformation in interactions between social stakeholders caused by the major impact of new communication technologies.

Laura agreed to be the agent provocateur in the lively discussion that you will take part in at the World Café. After a few introductory insights inspired by her recent book, she will let you debate and draw in small groups over a question touching each one of our four conference themes:

  • Commitment and engagement
  • Public Relations in 2015
  • New Technologies and Media Evolution
  • Communicating with Conscience: Going Beyond Borders

You can listen and debate each question for 15 minutes before switching tables and approaching the next question with a new group of participants. After four group debates, your questions can be addressed to Laura, who will be pleased to answer them.

This World café will represent a magnificent opportunity for networking and the exchange of ideas on the future of public relations, as well as opening our conference with the complicity of a dynamic, thought-provoking speaker.

World café – you won't want to miss it!

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