Conference Workshops

Commitment and Engagement

Sanofi Canada:
Relocation as a Catalyst for Change: How Leadership Empowered Employees and Achieved Organizational Change at Sanofi Canada
Presented by Joanne Kennedy, Communications Director and member of the Board of Directors, Sanofi Canada

Torchia Communications:
Choosing to care: Nurturing a new kind of caring organization
Presented by Jean-Claude Torchia, Owner, Founder, President, Torchia Communications

Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communication Research, Concordia University:
Coalition Building and Public Engagement: Lessons Learned from Two Cases in the Natural Resources Sector
Presented by Jordan LeBel, Directoer, Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communication Research

Sheridan College:
The Organizational "Double-Double": How PR and HR can work together to create the sweet spot that boosts engagement and creates impact
Presented by Christine Szustaczek, Director, Corporate Communications & External Relations, Sheridan College

Interbrand Canada:
Creating a movement: How do you break through the clutter?
Presented by Carolyn Ray, Managing Director, Interbrand Canada

Yellow Pages:
Successfully Turning the Titanic on a Dime: PR at Yellow Pages
Presented by Fiona Story, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Yellow Pages

City of Vaughan:
Changing the Landscape – Communicating Internally at The City of Vaughan
Presented by Gary Williams, Director, Corporate Communications, City of Vaughan

Delaney and Associates:
Public engagement and PR 2.0 – Getting to Yes through Dialogue
Presented by Jessica Delaney, Principle, Delaney and Associates

Public Relations in 2025

Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC):
The Future of Public Relations - What Communicators Need to Know
Presented by Julia Oosterman, Director, Communications, Toronto Central CCAC &
Samantha Kemp-Jackson, Manager, Communications, Toronto Central CCAC

Adopting marketing to position PR for the win
Presented by Richard Liebrecht, Strategic Planner, Incite

New Technologies and Media Evolution

Playbook Communications:
Preparing for Crisis in a Social World
Presented by Mike Van Soelen, President, Playbook Communication

Communicating with Conscience: Going Beyond Borders

Sustainable Development/CSR communication on corporate web sites:
How do you compare with Canadian leaders?

Presented by Solange Tremblay, President, SUSTAINABILITY|COMMUNICATION Group &
Jacques Baronet, professor, Université de Sherbrooke

Université Laval:
Les dérives des relations publiques
Presented by Bernard Dagenais, Professeur titulaire, Université Laval

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