Mike Van Soelen
Managing Principal
Navigator Ltd.

Twitter: @mvansoelen

He created the company in 2007 to help leading organizations reach and engage their most important audiences.

Mike leads the Playbook team providing clients with honest counsel on strategic and crisis communications, enhancing their brand reputations, public affairs and media training.

Before starting Playbook, Mike spent 15 years working in communications and marketing, both in the private sector and political realm. His previous posts have included Chief of Staff to an Ontario Minister, Director of Communications in Ottawa and senior counsel at one of the country’s largest public relations firms. Mike’s track record speaks to his unique understanding of how brand messages properly delivered can facilitate concrete, measurable objectives.

Mike holds a Master of Journalism from the University of Western Ontario. He lives with his family in Toronto.

Navigator Ltd.:
Break in Case of Emergency: How to Respond to a Crisis in a Digital World

Being prepared for your company's worst day has never been more important due to the speed with which today's hyper-connected consumer can pass judgement on a brand. This workshop will educate communications professionals on how to help organizations plan and prepare for a potential crisis - whether it’s a data breach or a plant fire, or worse. The audience will consider how to navigate the realities of managing a crisis in the face of new digital technologies and an evolving media landscape. During a crisis, brands are first (re)defined on social media, not in traditional op-ed pages, which is why companies need be prepared to move quickly to engage effectively with today's social media audiences.

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