Michelle Sullivan
Michelle Sullivan Communication

Twitter: @msullivan

Michelle Sullivan is an independent PR consultant who teaches an introductory course in media relations at l'Université de Montréal. She also helped design a new digital communication certificate program at McGill University called Digital Content and Community Management, where she teaches a course called Current Trends in Digital Communication. michellesullivan.ca.

Michelle Sullivan Communications:
Quebec Journalists' Use of Social Media

Michelle Sullivan, a Quebec-based social media pioneer and public relations consultant will present the results of a survey examining the use of social media and networks by Quebec journalists, and will discuss the implications of her study's conclusions for public relations professionals across Canada. The study centres on five important issues: how journalists use social networks, the impact of social media on their work, their perception of bloggers and online influencers, the work of PR professionals and ethics.

This study aims to move beyond the anecdotal to provide concrete insight into how social media and networks have shaped journalism. As an instructor at l'Université de Montréal and at McGill, Michelle Sullivan seeks to ensure the work being done by current and future generations of PR professionals rests solidly on best practice principles.

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