Fiona Story
Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Yellow Pages Canada

Twitter: @Fiona_YP

Fiona Story joined Yellow Pages in 2010 and currently oversees a team responsible for public relations, media relations, corporate communications, government relations and corporate social responsibility programs. Fiona is a seasoned professional with 15 years experience in various communications areas, including an expertise in strategic, crisis and stakeholder communications.

Prior to joining Yellow Pages, she worked on the agency side, building and managing communications programs for the healthcare sector. Fiona also spent several years as National Communications Manager for CauseForce, leading national media relations campaigns for charitable events such as The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. She began her career working in communications at the Department of Foreign Affairs (then DFAIT) after spending several years on Parliament Hill in various functions and as a part-time contributor to several community newspapers.

Fiona holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University.

Yellow Pages Canada:
Successfully Turning the Titanic on a Dime: PR at Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages, a Canadian legacy brand, associated for years with a single product is in the midst of a comprehensive corporate transformation into a digital company. Brand evolution, PR and perception is a large part of that undertaking. This presentation would explore how we used CSR and strategic communications to create consensus and align the goals of our various departments with PR and vice versa. Steps we used to rekindle relevancy around the Yellow Pages brand, rebuild relationships with our customer base, reinvigorate our employees, alter our corporate culture and corporate communications and effectively change perceptions of the company among our various stakeholder audiences.

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