L. Nadine De Lisle
Director, Community Relations
Manitoba Housing, The Province of Manitoba

Twitter: @MotherofaSon

From public health to arts and culture; child protection to capital planning, L. Nadine De Lisle knows- first hand- the conflict that exists between operational considerations and public relations/community engagement best practices. Yet. there is a middle ground where all can work together to achieve best results.

Nadine is a senior manager and communications specialist with deep experience in both the public and private sector. Her expertise and experience include public affairs, crisis communication and reputation management, as well as media and community relations and corporate communications. She’s worked as a public information officer during the SARS outbreak, provided media liaison during a Royal Visit, served as a spokesperson during an Internet breach, provided communications advise in the midst of child protection investigations, and led community engagement teams during large capital projects. Teacher, facilitator, presenter and author, arts and culture advocate and wannabee viticulturalist, Nadine blogs at https://motherofason.wordpress.com and tweets as @motherofason.

Manitoba Housing, The Province of Manitoba:
Building Relationships and Bolstering Goodwill During Stressful Times:
How Seizing Community Engagement Can Advance Your Story and Your Brand

If a home renovation project can send a loving couple to the brink of a meltdown, image the effect of large-scale, long-term capital projects on a community. Add a "not in my backyard" attitude on one side and "feet-to-the fire" advocacy on the other. In the middle, a team eager to "just get the work done." The good news? There's tremendous opportunity to build relationships and bolster goodwill. The tools? Rigorous and continuous communication and community engagement.    

An overview and case studies will open discussion about the risks and rewards of community engagement in high-risk times. Focusing on reputation management and stakeholder relations, participants will work within a community engagement framework to customize their own public relations/community engagement toolkits. Whatever the communications issue: arts marketing to capital projects, community engagement can help build awareness, understanding and positive impact. And, that's always good business.

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