Jessica Delaney
Delaney and Associates

Twitter: @DELANEYinc

Jessica Delaney is a public engagement specialist with more than a decade of experience in public engagement, facilitation and engagement. Jessica came to public engagement though her work in public relations and corporate communications. She is a certified professional facilitator and works primarily in the areas of health, municipal government and renewable energy. She is a principal with Delaney + Associates, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Delaney and Associates:
Public engagement and PR 2.0 – Getting to Yes through Dialogue

In a world where everything and everyone one is engaging, what is authentic public engagement? This presentation will provide the PR professional, community relations specialist and strategic communicator with a solid understanding of public engagement, best practices, and key elements to a meaningful engagement plan. The presentation will help attendees develop public engagement plans for their own organization or client. Public engagement is part art, part science, but there is definitely a right and wrong way to do it. Learn how to build a meaningful public engagement plan that gets results.

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